11 Steps to Grow Lettuce Indoors!

Wouldn’t it be nice to grow fresh lettuce during the cold winter months? The Steele Memorial Library’s Seed Library carries one of the recommended varieties that can be grown indoors – Black-Seeded Simpson.

Here’s how:

  1. Borrow a packet of seeds.
  2. Fill a 4” – 6” pot (drainage holes type) with fresh soil mix. Leave some room at the top.
  3. Drop in about 4-5 seeds about 1 inch apart.
  4. Tamp down gently, and sprinkle an additional ¼” layer of soil on top of seeds.
  5. Moisten the soil with a spray bottle every morning, or whenever it looks a bit dry. To maintain moisture, cover them loosely with plastic wrap or a lid.
  6. Place your containers in a warm location, on a small tray to collect excess water.
  7. When sprouts begin to appear, move to the sunniest location in your house, or use a grow light.
  8. Once your tiny plants have their first set of true leaves, start feeding them with a liquid fertilizer. Monitor the moisture level to make sure your seedlings are moist but not waterlogged.
  9. In about three to four weeks, indoor baby lettuce should be around 4″ inches tall and ready to harvest. Harvest only what you need.
  10. Enjoy your freshly grown lettuce.
  11. Repeat!


Click here for more information about our Seed Lending Library