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Technology Training

Technology Training Lab

  • Beginning Computer & Internet
  • Tablet & Smartphone
  • 3D Printing
  • Video Editing
  • Audio Editing
  • Hour of Code

Most tech classes take place at Steele Memorial Library in the Technology Training Lab on the 1st floor of the library.  Tablet/Smartphone courses are offered at several of our libraries.  Call Steele Memorial Library at (607)733-9175 for more information, or check our events calendar.

Book Clubs & Recommended Reading

Listen to our monthly Book Bundle Podcast for adult fiction reviews and recommendations.

Looking for a local book club?  A number of CCLD libraries have active book clubs.  Don’t see one at your branch?  Let us know if you’d like to start one.

  • Bookmobile Book Club – Meets the 2nd Friday of the month at 1:30pm, at the Bookmobile’s Bulkhead stop.
  • Lit Lovers Book Club – Meets at Horseheads Free Library, the 2nd Thursday of the month at 1pm.
  • Horseheads Evening Book Club – Meets the 4th Monday of the month at 6pm at Horseheads Free Library.
  • Van Etten Library Book Club – Meets the Last Friday of the month at 12:15pm.
  • West Elmira Library Cook Book Club – Meets the 4th Monday of the month at 6:30pm.
  • Big Flats Library Book Club – Meets one Friday a month at 1pm (check the calendar for specific dates).

Check out these resources for Book Club discussion guides:

  • Book Browse Book Club Central – Book Club resources including recommendations, reading guides, and advice.
  • LitLovers – 3,400 Reading Guides including discussion questions, book reviews, author bios, and plot summaries.

Arts, Crafts, & Writing

Knit & Crochet Club

Chemung River Reader is the Writing & Visual Arts Zine from the Steele Memorial Library.  If you are interested in contributing to the Chemung River Reader, please email or visit us on Facebook.

The Steele Memorial Library Adult Writing Group meets Tuesdays from 7:00-8:30pm.

Knit & Crochet Club meets at Steele Memorial Library every Wednesday from 12:30-2pm.

In addition to these regularly scheduled groups, many of our libraries have special programs each month, including art programs and craft programs.  For a full list of activities happening at your local CCLD branch, be sure to check out our events calendar.

Games Groups

  • Bridge – Mondays & Fridays, 1pm (West Elmira Library)
  • Chess Club –  Wednesdays, 9-4pm (Steele Memorial Library)

Board Games are also available for checkout (to take home) from the Steele Memorial Library Reference Desk (2nd floor). Games can be checked out by anyone 13 or older with a library card in good standing. The loan period is 2 weeks with an option to renew for another 2 weeks. The current game collection includes: Carcassonne, Cardline: Dinosaurs, Chrononauts, Coup, Colony, Dinosaur Island, Forbidden Island, Machi Koro, Munchkin, Pandemic, Settlers of Catan, Splendor, The Resistance, Ticket to Ride, Trekking the National Parks, Ultimate Werewolf, and Unexploded Cow. Games must be returned to the 2nd floor desk (not placed in the book drop). Call (607)733-9175 if you have any questions.

Other Social Groups

Fan Infinity meets the 1st Thursday of the month at 6pm at Steele Memorial Library – Fan Infinity is a social club for adults to come and geek out over a variety of shows, movies, books.

Monthly Movies

Thursday Night Movie – One Thursday a month (date varies, check events calendar) at 6pm, Steele Memorial Library shows a recent movie. Free snacks provided!

Friday Afternoon Film – One Friday a month (date varies, check events calendar) at 2pm, Steele Memorial Library shows a movie.  Free snacks provided!

“So bad, it’s good!” Movie Night – One Friday a month (date varies, check events calendar) at 6:30pm, Steele Memorial Library shows a “bad” movie and participants are encouraged to heckle it (MST3K style).  The movies shown are a range of B movies, parodies, cheesy movies, and downright awful movies.