Seed Lending Library

“Borrow” seeds from CCLD’s Seed Lending Library at the Steele Memorial Library!

What is a Seed Lending Library?

Come to our seed lending library and “borrow” seeds for free! How can you borrow seeds? The basic idea is that you plant the seeds, let some go to seed, then return some of these next generation seeds for others to borrow. The seeds you save and return are a gift to your community. We hope you learn much, experience the joy of gardening, and enjoy the fruits of your labor!

How do I borrow seeds?

If you are interested in borrowing seeds, you will need a library card. There are no overdue fines, we just ask that you bring back some seeds. When you check out seeds, you will receive information about seed saving to take with you. Seeds should be returned in a clearly marked envelope (indicate what the plant is on the envelope). If you are unable to get viable seeds from your plant, you can bring back a pack of seeds (only open-pollinated or heirloom – no hybrid).

The Seed Lending Library program originally began at the Horseheads Library on June 12th, 2014. Seeds are now only available at Steele Memorial Library.