West Elmira Library Item Exchanges

Item ExchangeDid you know that you can borrow items from the library that are not restricted by a due date? Here at the West Elmira Library we have a variety of what we call “exchanges”. These are collections of items that you can come and take as you please and return when finished, or not, it’s up to you! We have our paperback exchange which is made up of all mass market paperbacks donated to the library for this purpose. We also have a big collection of magazines for patrons to take and read. Some even take these for crafting projects at home! We have a board game exchange that is popular, but they go quick! We are always looking for donations to this collection to help keep it well stocked and available for families looking for a fun and free game night. Our final, and most popular exchange, is our puzzle collection. We have two full bookshelves of puzzles for all ages. Stop in anytime we’re open to browse through our exchanges. Just remember to stop by the desk before you leave and let us know how many items you are taking home as this help out with our circulation numbers.

Michelle Barrett
West Elmira Library