Holiday Fun at Big Flats Library

SnowmanStop by the Big Flats Library to check out great holiday movies and books on display. While here, check out the wonderful holiday décor, sure to please everyone. We have wreaths, candles (battery operated), a mailbox for letters to Santa, and our very own Elf, Sugarplum Sprinklepants. She is always hiding someplace in the library and if you find her, there is a great prize waiting for you (but don’t touch her, or she loses her magic). Sugarplum reports back to Santa, so while she is hiding at the library, she is watching what you are doing, so always be good.  The display case in the library is filled with all kinds of snowmen, thanks to the personal collection of Betsy Gorman, as well as a snowman that will greet you when you come in the library with a friendly saying and a little jingle. Big Flats Library is certainly in the holiday spirit and we hope that you will stop in and say hello.

Glenice Peel
Big Flats Library