Plants at HFL – An apology to my Plants

Since the day I brought my plants here to the Horseheads Free Library I have jotted down little notes on my plants and tried to write down dates so when I got a chance to write about my plants I would have the most correct information… I had probably five different files that were separated by window direction, and journal entries of plant progress, updated pictures. In an effort to organize these long word documents I did some folder re-arranging on my wonderful desktop computer at work…

Do you know the secret I.T. Department code ID10t?

I somehow erased all of the documents from the folder. All my little entries, all the progress information is GONE. I still have pictures, and I have some written notes with some dates, but there was so much more in those digital files. My heart is sad, but this will give us an opportunity to take a very quick tour around the building again. Most of the plants this blog has described in the past have grown, gotten too big, or have been moved to a different window. So moving forward and starting fresh!

Let’s focus on just one of my many beauties here at the Horseheads Library.

Apology photo of plants

In this plant family picture is a Purple Pearl Echeveria.

Echeveria is a large genus of succulent plants in the Crassulaceae family, native to semi-desert area of Central America. There are so many different kinds of this succulent, and all kinds are pretty easy to keep alive. Succulents don’t need much but a bright south window and some water every once and a while. This is a picture progression of this little plant. I brought this succulent here in April 2021, next picture is in May. The plant was starting to outgrow its’ nursery pot, so I transferred it into a new pretty donated pot from a nice library patron.

Purple Echerveria

Purple Echveria in May

Then in July I decided to do some surgery on this plant. Dr. Zell and her exact-o knife chopped this plants head right off!

Purple Props in July

There were roots growing off the stalk and I wanted to make some room for growth, and boy did it grow! These beautiful rosettes appeared. Surgery was a success!

Purple Rosette Surgery

This succulent is so beautiful. I’m so happy I took the risk in chopping this plant’s leaves off. Gardening takes some bravery sometimes. Plants need some trimming to make new growth. Gardening is about experimenting and trying new things. Be brave, take risks, and enjoy your plants!

What plants do you want to learn more about? Come to the library and tell us what beauties you would like featured in the next blog. All the plants are my favorites it is hard to choose which to write about.

Plant Selfie

Amanda Zell
Senior library Clerk / Keeper of Plants