Quarantine Cooking with Emma – Finally using up the rest of that turkey breast from post 1

Neither of these two meals have recipe links, they’re just regular things to make in my home. The first one is egg salad, with you guessed it, turkey!

turkey egg salad

I boiled 6 eggs, and mashed those with light mayo, a little salt and pepper, garlic powder, and some salt-free southwest seasoning. I added the small cut pieces of turkey breast, and I also diced up some celery for crunch. Turkey was an easy add-in to the classic sandwich spread, and used up leftovers in another fun way. Besides a regular sandwich, I also like to have my egg salad on a piece of toast. Enjoy!

The second, and last (the turkey is gone!) leftovers recipe is Salsa Turkey (usually Chicken).

Make rice of your choosing, I made brown rice I had on hand. Depending on how much you’re making/ how many people you’re feeding, you need 1-2 jars of salsa. I used a quart of my home canned salsa for this recipe. Add salsa to a medium/large pot or skillet, heat until warm, and stir in taco seasoning to taste, I used 2 packets for 4 cups of salsa. Once that is mixed well, stir in your chopped cooked turkey, and simmer until heated through. Layer rice, salsa/meat, and top with cheese. Pair with a veggie. Easy & delicious!

turkey salsa