CCLD’s Podcast: The Book Bundle

CCLD has a Podcast!

Our Book Bundle Podcast features the newest titles each month. Check the front page on our website (, scroll to the bottom to see the Soundcloud icon—

Click to go directly to the site, and start listening at your convenience!

In about 20 minutes or less you will have the title and author of well–reviewed from either Amazon, Goodreads, or from CCLD’s Fiction Librarian, covering any and all genres, all strong contenders worthy of your reading time. That saves YOU a lot of fishing time (looking for the next interesting read). Checking reviews is done for you, and you can be sure the choices are going to be enjoyable.

You will get a heads up on issues in the story-line and other points noted in the reviews, but will never give the story away. All books will be fresh off the presses.

So click, listen, and decide which read is for you. All titles will be repeated at the end of the show for your convenience.

Let the recommendations begin!