Changes in the Circulation and Audio Visual Departments at Steele Library

ChangesYou may have noticed some recent changes in the Circulation and Audio Visual Departments at Steele Library, we are excited about these and hope that our patrons will be also…here’s what’s new and why:

 Our Outdoor Book Drop has a new location (actually it’s the old location for our book drop and we just recently reestablished it). This drop does not have to be locked, so patrons can access it 24/7…especially nice for those busy parents who want to pull up nearby and return items at any time without taking the kids out of the car. Our old drop was in a room inside the large meeting room; that meant that during the day we kept it locked so the noisy returned items being dropped into the slot wouldn’t disrupt any meetings or classes going on.  Also, the new drop is right off of our Customer Service desk, so staff can easily access all the returns. Just like the old drop, due to space limitations, we ask that only library materials get returned in the drop and not donations. Book donations can be brought in during open hours only.

In the A/V Department, we are in the process of putting all of our DVDs into new security cases…these new cases are more streamlined, unlike the old plastic cases, which were getting worn and hard to see titles through; they also took up a lot of shelf space. Our new cases will allow us much more room for shelving of movies and will make locating these items easier on the eyes. Our staff won’t have to take as much time unlocking movies when patrons check them out and upon return, we won’t have to put the items into a separate secure case, as the new cases have an internal locking mechanism. This will be a long process as we change over, so we appreciate your patience. We will also start separating some movies into genres and shelving them together for ease of finding popular titles, like Scary, Foreign, Hallmark, Anime and Superhero movies.

We hope you like our new changes, as always let us know if you have any Circulation concerns or questions.

Janet Ackerman
Head of Circulation
Steele Memorial Library