Downton Abbey – Loved By Many

Downton AbbeyI recently realized that the copies of Downton Abbey owned by the West Elmira Library have a combined circulation of nearly 250.  And although season 1 has been available since February, 2012, all three seasons are still being checked out.  So we asked patrons what it is, specifically, about Downton Abbey that has them eagerly waiting for season 4.  These are some of the responses we received:

Anna-“It is so well written and I love the development of the personalities.”

John-“The multiple characters and their challenges captivated my interest.  Each episode ended with me wanting to know what will happen.”

Kathleen-“Historical fiction helps us understand the past and appreciate our current lives.”

Nancy-“The attention to detail and the intelligent dialogue-it is a delight to become wrapped up in the characters and events.”

Dianne-“Excellent acting!  Many times you can tell what the characters are thinking and feeling by the look on their face.  No laugh machines needed here.”

Sarah-“It makes Britain in the time period seem less stuffy and more interesting.”

Walt-“Excellent acting and effects work to transport you to another time and period to experience the drama.”

Mary-“I love the setting and the go between the staff and family.”

Doreen-“The scenery is spectacular and the costumes are amazing!”

Amanda-“I enjoy that time period and the changes taking place in the world. “

So there you have it!  Downton Abbey- loved by many.  To prepare for the release of season 4, West Elmira Library is having a tea.  We will be showing the last episode of Season 3 while enjoying a light lunch with tea on Thursday, December 12th from 11:30 to 1:30.  We are asking that you let us know if you plan to attend.  Period dress encouraged!

Dianne Patchett
Branch Manager
West Elmira Library