Meet Monty

MontyHere is your official introduction to Montigue T. Moose! “Monty” was conceived as a way to connect to other libraries, share an experience with them, and bring the experience and good will to our patrons. He is one of our story time puppets, traveling via parcel post, to libraries that have volunteered to host him via the library listserv.

Monty is doing a great job as the CCLD Goodwill Ambassador. His first stop was New York City, and the famous library there. He posed with Fortitude, one of the library lions. He also attended a storytelling festival! Afterwards, he traveled to Eau Claire, Wisconsin, West Palm Beach, Florida (where he met up with “relatives”, Uncle Malcolm and Cousin Marc) and was a huge hit there, as the guest of honor at a story time tea.

He continues to travel the U.S. and Canada (where he is helping with the grand opening celebration of a new library!) until May of 2012. Watch his Facebook page, which you can find on the CCLD’s Facebook front page, or directly at .

MiltonTo keep the home fires burning, Monty’s brother, Milton, is making the rounds at Summer Reading Club events at Steele, and all branch libraries. He is a little nervous being in the spotlight, so give him a warm welcome if you see him at your local library!

Caroline Poppendeck, Librarian
Head of Youth Services
Steele Memorial Library