Summer Reading Club Update

FaustworkThe Summer Reading Club is getting wonderful attendance from our patrons! We have had great programs, and all are being met with enthusiastic response.

Our Faustwork Mask program launched the SRC here at Steele and at West Elmira and Horseheads libraries. It was a one-man show, with lots of masks that tickled young and old funny bones.

Next we enjoyed a mini Epcot program, with representatives from countries around the world. There was food, dancing, and learning about world cultures. This program was so popular, we have been asked to repeat it next year!

Multicultural DayWe had a visit from Corning Community College’s portable planetarium. It looked like a big silver balloon, and inside the children were introduced to the summer constellations. Outside the planetarium, the children made crafts, envisioned what it is like to be an astronaut, and even sampled astronaut ice cream!

The latest event was a visit from the Binghamton’s Zoomobile, where the audience enjoyed visits from an owl and a ferret, among others. Audience members were invited to touch the ferret and the corn snake. Trivia quZoomobileestions were asked and prizes given.

Two more events are up and coming. Please check our schedule for dates and times. It is not too late to sign up for the Summer Reading Club, which keeps the kids in your life connected to their reading skills and is a very enjoyable way to spend some time!

Caroline Poppendeck, Librarian
Head of Youth Services
Steele Memorial Library