Donating to your local food bank – Things to keep in mind!

canned food

One of CCLD’s board members, Bonnie Chollet, recently shared with us a post from social media that had gone viral, regarding things to consider when donating to your local food bank. Bonnie then reached out to the Food Bank of the Southern Tier to get their perspective on the post and this is what one of their staff members, Caroline, shared with us:

Here is the list of most needed/requested food items from pantry clients:

  • Peanut butter
  • Canned tuna & canned chicken
  • Canned fruits & vegetables
  • Dry pastas
  • Applesauce
  • Oats
  • Boxed mac & cheese
  • Any non- perishable foods are appreciated. Non-expired dates as well.

I just wanted to dispel some of the rumors regarding foods available at the Food Bank or food pantries:

Food pantries receive a majority of their food from our Food Bank and we have butter, vegetable oil and shelf stable milk available to assist with cooking. Fluid milk is not always available but we usually have it at least 1-2 times per month.

Usually only the unhoused have an issue with opening cans. We strive for healthy low sodium vegetables and fruit that is in water or its own juice, none packed in syrup. We also have frozen fruits and vegetables in 1# packages that are healthy and delicious.

Even though they are popular donations, macaroni & cheese and any pasta products are appreciated since they are favorites of children and tend to feed larger families.

Meat is available at pantries including chicken, beef and turkey as well as fish varieties.

We have meal helper pouches that are similar to Hamburger Helper and ground beef, turkey, chicken and tuna are available from pantries to complete the meal.

Several times a year PetSmart Charities donates full truckloads of pet food to Food Banks across the country. There is also the SPCA for pet food for Chemung County residents.

We strive to offer our member agency pantries a wide variety of choices of foods. Thank you so much for asking about what is needed to feed our hungry neighbors.

Contact Information:
Food Bank of the Southern Tier
388 Upper Oakwood Ave, Elmira, NY 14903
Mon-Th 8-4, Fri 8-1