Plants of Hope

January 2022

It’s winter. It’s cold. But it’s also warm? The world is still upside down. Plant care and maintenance can get a bit lax. Plants don’t get watered as often, things get overlooked. Leaves get droopy, maybe even crispy. It’s okay, it happens. Let’s explore plants that can still be awesome, even when we aren’t feeling the awesome-est.

Tradescantia zebrina, known by lots of names…yes it’s the wandering one, but I like to call it Tradescantia zebrina, or Robert.

Robert Plant January 2022

We named our plant Robert Plant. This plant is amazing in any conditions. I have Robert in a south window and he is absolutely beautiful and bushy. His petals glow with purples and pinks in the morning sunshine. Water once a week. This plant brings smiles.

We have another Tradescantia zebrine named Robert Plant JR, or RJ for short. RJ is not in a south window. RJ spent 3 weeks in a dark back room because I forgot I put him back there. I intended to give him a new home, instead I neglected him. Oops.

RJ January 2022

When I noticed my mistake this plant was doing just fine, maybe looking a little sad, most importantly not dead. I still have not given RJ a new pot (which he needs) but he now lives on a table near the copier. His new spot is still not next to any windows. Again, this plant is surviving. Even if you don’t have any smiles, this plant can survive whatever you can throw at it. You need a break? Take a break, this plant will be waiting for you.

Another plant that grows fast which makes happy feelings is a Coleus scutellarioides. This plant starts from very small beginnings and grows to be a large bright colored beautiful bush.

Coleus July 2021Coleus January 2022

This is something you can start in a cup and as it grows the leaves are so pretty. If you forget to water it the big leaves give you some time before it truly shrivels up. And when you do finally water it, wow the reaction! This plant stands back up and is beautiful again. Remember to Hydrate!

If you are more a tactile person, and you need something soft to snuggle to get a Panda Plant succulent. Kalanchoe tomentosa is the scientific name.

Panda Ohio August 23, 2021

These plants are so soft and take little to no care at all. The leaves are covered with this soft velvety fur. This plant might not purr, but it is soft and has way less mess to clean up after. This is the perfect plant for someone who wants a pet, but not any of the commitment to anything related to animal care.

These are the plants that keep my hope alive in these cold but also warm winter days. Get yourself one of these plants and see if you can find hope in these plants too. Visit the library and tell me what plants keep your spirits up in the winter time. Or if you don’t want to leave the house, check out our plant videos on the library’s Youtube page.

Plant Selfie


Purple Haired Plant Lady
Amanda Zell