Van Etten Library move update…

Van Etten Library

The library move to the new location to 6 Gee St., Van Etten has been a smooth transition. Thankfully with the help of a handful of very helpful and dedicated VE patrons/volunteers the unpacking and shelving of library material went perfectly. Programming has continued on a regular basis and we even have had quite a few new library card holders! The Pre-Kindergarteners have already stopped by for a library visit and enjoyed Halloween stories and a fun scavenger hunt as well.

It is amazing how the patrons’ perspectives of the new location differ. Some first walked in and thought the space looked smaller than the old space, while others walked in and claimed it looked much larger.  Truth is, we have the same square footage as the old place, just a different set up. My favorite part with the new location is all the natural lighting through the very large front and side windows.

Our well-attended “Library Warming Party” occurred on November 20th. CCLD library staff from the other locations as well as CCLD Board members stopped by for a visit. I even had a surprise visit from a retired CCLD Librarian! Many other regular patrons joined us and we all had great company, good food, and nice conversation.

A few finishing touches, like children’s area decorating with book character decals and lounge chairs, then the library will be complete.

Enjoy the photos of the new library and hopefully if you haven’t visited yet, you will very soon.

Happy Holidays from the Van Etten Library!

Michelle Erickson
CCLD – Van Etten

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  1. Congratulations on doing such a good job on this move and keeping such a positive attitude.