Guide to Chemung County Elections: November 5, 2019

Chemung County Elections are coming up! Do you know who you are voting for? Here’s a helpful guide to all the candidates.
We hope everyone gets out to vote for their favorite candidates. Tell a friend!
In election times, things can change quickly. We will update the info as soon as we can if there are changes.
If you know of candidate sites we haven’t found yet, please let us know in the comments.

County of Chemung
General Election – Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Find your Polling Place:

City of Elmira Polling Places

Chemung County Polling Places

Supreme Court Justice, 6th Judicial District (Vote for Any Three)
(includes Broome, Chemung, Chenango, Cortland, Delaware, Madison, Otsego, Schuyler, Tioga & Tompkins Counties)
Democratic Pete Charnetsky (Campaign Announcement) (facebook page)
Democratic Claudette Y. Newman (Campaign Announcement) (facebook page)
Republican Chris Baker (Campaign Announcement) (facebook page)
Republican Oliver N. Blaise, III (Campaign Announcement) (facebook page)
Republican Mark Masler (Website) (facebook page)
Conservative Chris Baker
Conservative Oliver N. Blaise, III
Conservative Mark Masler
Independence Chris Baker
Independence Oliver N. Blaise, III
Independence Mark Masler


Sheriff (Vote for one)
Republican William A. Schrom (Website)
Conservative William A. Schrom
Independence William A. Schrom
Art Laurey (Campaign Announcement)

Mayor (Vote for one)
Democratic Alex Sweet (facebook page)
Republican Daniel J. Mandell, Jr. (Campaign Announcement)
Conservative Daniel J. Mandell, Jr.
Working Families Susan J. Skidmore (Ms. Skidmore has dropped out of the race)
Independence Daniel J. Mandell, Jr.

City Court Judge (Vote for one)
Republican Steven W. Forrest (Professional Profile)
Conservative Steven W. Forrest
Independence Steven W. Forrest

Constables (Vote for two)
Democratic David R. Grier
Democratic Alfred McGrady
Independence Rickey E. Paul

Member of Council – 1st District (Vote for one)
Democratic Nick Grasso (Campaign Announcement) (facebook page)
Republican James D. Waters (Campaign Announcement)
Conservative James D. Waters
Libertarian Nick Grasso

Member of Council – 2nd District (Vote for one)
Democratic Brent Stermer (Council Page)

Member of Council – 3rd District (Vote for one)
Republican Joseph Duffy 328 (Council Page)
Conservative Joseph Duffy 328
Independence Joseph Duffy 328

Member of Council – 4th District (Vote for one)
Democratic John R. Massey (News Article)
Republican Mark A. Franchi
Independence Mark A. Franchi

Member of Council – 5th District (Vote for one)
Democratic Jackie Wilson (Campaign Announcement)
Republican Tory M. Kitching
Conservative Tory M. Kitching
Working Families Jackie Wilson
Independence Tory M. Kitching

Member of Council – 6th District (Vote for one)
Democratic Wendy Nichols (facebook page)
Republican Nanette M. Moss (Council Page)
Conservative Nanette M. Moss
Working Families Wendy Nichols
Independence Nanette M. Moss

Member of Council (Vote for any two)
Republican Charlie E. Wilson
Community Vision for the People Chad M. McDonald (Ashland Council Page)

Supervisor Vote for one)
Republican Russell E. Purvis (Baldwin site)
Conservative Russell E. Purvis

Town Justice (Vote for one)
No candidate

Member of Council (Vote for any two)
Republican Nancy Purvis
Conservative Nancy Purvis

Town Justice (Vote for one)
Republican Lisa A. Hess (Newspaper Endorsement Letter)

Member of Council (Vote for any two)
Republican Robert T. Adams
Republican Michael L. Saglibene
Conservative Robert T. Adams
Conservative Michael L. Saglibene

Supervisor (Vote for one)
Republican LaVerne J. Phelps

Town Justice (Vote for one)
Republican Richard J. Brink

Member of Council (Vote for any two)
Republican Catherine Edwards
Republican William J. Collier

Superintendent of Highways (Vote for one)
Republican Joe Doan

Member of Council (Vote for any two)
Republican Todd A. Loper
Republican James M. Birney

Supervisor (Vote for one)
Republican Neil Milliken (facebook page)
Independence Neil Milliken

Town Justice (Vote for one)
Democratic Kim Middaugh (Website)
Republican Mark A. Weiermiller (Website)
Conservative Kim Middaugh
Independence Kim Middaugh
For Justice Kim Middaugh

Member of Council (Vote for any two)
Democratic Albert Lucarelli
Republican Thomas Milliken (Town Board Page)
Republican Faith Pipher
Conservative Joseph F. Coletta (facebook page)
Independence Thomas Milliken
Independence Faith Pipher
Have a Voice Joseph F. Coletta
Share the Vision Albert Lucarelli

Member of Council (Vote for any two)
Republican Randy R. Evans
Republican William C. Vanriper, Jr.

Supervisor (Vote for one)
Republican Donald J. Fischer
Conservative Donald J. Fischer

Member of Council (Vote for any two)
Republican Gary H. Riopko
Republican Carl R. Lewis
Conservative Gary H. Riopko
Conservative Carl R. Lewis

Supervisor – 2 year unexpired term (Vote for one)
Republican Kathleen Szerszen
Conservative Kathleen Szerszen

Town Justice (Vote for one)
Republican Joseph W. Holly

Member of Council (Vote for any two)
Republican Daniel P. Hurley
Republican Timothy K. Steed
Conservative Daniel P. Hurley
Conservative Timothy K. Steed

Member of Council (Vote for any two)
Democrat Harold E. Shoemaker
Republican Penny Flora
Independent Voters Harold E. Shoemaker

Town Justice (Vote for one)
Republican Marie Roller
Conservative Marie Roller

Member of Council (Vote for any two)
Republican David A. Lewis
Conservative David A. Lewis

Mayor (Vote for one)
Republican Robert Maloney (Village Website)
Conservative Robert Maloney
Libertarian Jonathan M. Lerche (facebook page)

Trustee (Vote for any two)
Democratic Dawn C. Bush
Republican Patricia M. Gross (facebook page)
Republican Mark J. Cronin

County Wide Library District Proposition

Shall the 2020 Library District budget, as submitted by the Board of Trustees of the Chemung
County Library District, be approved and shall the Board of Trustees be authorized to expend
the sum of $3,125,115 for the year January 1 – December 31, 2020, and further shall the Board
of Trustees be authorized to instruct the County of Chemung to levy and collect on its behalf for
the financing of library district operations and as prescribed in the Library District’s special
legislation as enacted in 2005?

Also on November 5, there is a separate election at the Steele Memorial Library for Library Board of Trustees.

The Chemung County Library District would like to remind all Chemung County voters in each of these five districts (3rd, 4th, 8th, 9th and 13th) to please vote at the Steele Memorial Library or the Horseheads Free Library on Election Day, Tuesday, November 5th, 2019 for candidates running for open seats on the Board of Trustees. To view a map of the Chemung County Legislative Districts, click here.

Polls for library trustee at the libraries are open from 12 pm to 7 pm on Tuesday, November 5th, 2019. For all other voting, visit your polling place between 6am-9pm.

This is separate from the budget vote which will still be held on Election Day at your normal polling place as in previous elections.*

*(From CCLD Blog Post 10/4/2019.

6 Replies to “Guide to Chemung County Elections: November 5, 2019”

  1. Thank you Maggie for putting the candidates who are running for office in front where we can preview them. The whole process of voting is intimidating for some. It was especially helpful to add the library budget and the trustees who are running. You are a genius!

  2. why are you saying 12pm to 7pm for voting on Nov 5th when ALL polls should be open 6am to 9pm? Now I am confused.

    • Polls for library trustee (vote takes place at Steele and Horseheads Library) are open from 12 pm to 7 pm. For all other voting, visit your polling place between 6am-9pm.