CCLD Bookmobile… did you know?


Our CCLD Bookmobile was new in 2011. When we were in the process of designing our new Bookmobile we wanted to have as much as we could done right here locally. When it came to the outside of the Bookmobile we decided to ask our Local Author Illustrator Tedd Arnold to help us with the design for the wrap that would be applied to our nice new exciting Bookmobile.

Did you know that most of the designs on the Bookmobile are tied to the Twin Tiers? There is a river raft for Mark Twain, a rocket for Eileen Collins, sailplane for Harris Hill, a tree for Meg Lowman and all of the pictures are made out of Books! Tedd Arnold graciously donated the designs and his time to the library to share with the community.

Did you know there are only 11 Bookmobiles in all of New York State? We here at CCLD are very proud of our Bookmobile and our Bookmobile service, that has been going strong since 1950, and we hope you are too! When you see the Bookmobile at one of its several stops, come in and see how wonderful it is.

Kim Jones
Bookmobile Driver