Launchpad Tablets are now available at the West Elmira Library!

LaunchpadStarting June 1st, we will begin to circulate Playaway Launchpads to our patrons. Launchpads are pre-loaded tablets that contain high quality, ad-free learning apps for all ages. The West Elmira Library has purchased a total of twenty of these durable tablets and will display them in our DVD section. Age ranges for these learning tablets include; ages 3-5, ages 5-7, ages 8-10, Teen, and Adult. These tablets are 100% secure and require no internet access to use which makes them great for long trips or just to use around the house. Call for more information or stop in and ask us how you can learn a new language or skill, dive into challenging puzzles, unwind with popular games, and so much more!

Michelle Barrett
West Elmira Library