Chemung County Legislature Race for November 2018

Where’s my district? Click below for a PDF map of the Chemung County Districts. (Also available online here).

Who is my current Legislator? (Available online here).

General Election– Tuesday November 6th 2018: 6:00 am to 9:00 pm (Voting info found on

Who are the people running in the next election?
Printable List: Ballot – General Election Candidates 2018
(Source: Click on Candidates for the General Election November 6, 2018.

County Executive:
Republican, Conservative, Reform/Moss for Executive
Christopher Moss Campaign Page, Star Gazette article, Sheriff’s page
Democrat, Working Families, Women’s Equality
Jerome Emanuel Star Gazette article, Website
Mike Krusen Campaign Page, Star Gazette article

County Treasurer:
Republican, Conservative, Independence, Reform
Jennifer Furman Campaign Announcement, Biography, Star Gazette article

District 1 (Catlin, Veteran, Millport):
John Pastrick (I)Facebook announcement, Star Gazette article, County Legislature page
Democrat, Conservative
Anthony Pucci Campaign Page, Star Gazette article, facebook page

District 2 (Big Flats):
Republican, Independence
David Manchester (I) Star Gazette article, Legislature page
Michael Saglibene Big Flats Council Page

District 3 (Town and Village of Horseheads):
Republican, Independence
Thomas Sweet (I) County Legislature page, Star Gazette article
Democrat, Working Families/Horseheads Now
Deborah Lynch, facebook page, Star Gazette article
Michael J. Belosky Star Gazette Article

District 4 (Towns of Horseheads, Big Flats
& Village of Horseheads):
Republican, Conservative/4th District United
Joseph C. Brennan (I) Legislature page, Star Gazette article
Democrat, Horseheads Now
Ed Bond Campaign page, Star Gazette article

District 5 (Towns of Erin, Horseheads):
Republican, Conservative
Mark Margeson Star Gazette article
Democrat, Working Families
A.J. Stow Candidate Announcement
Kenneth J. Miller Legislature Page

District 6 (Towns of Elmira, Erin, Baldwin,
Chemung, Van Etten, & Village of Van Etten):
Brian Hyland (I) Legislature page

District 7 (Town of Elmira):
Republican, Independence
Dr. Cornelius J. Milliken (I) Campaign page, Legislature page
Democrat, Conservative, Chemung County Matters
Christina Bruner Sonsire Website, Star Gazette article

District 8 (Village of Elmira Heights,
City of Elmira, Towns of Elmira, Horseheads):
Republican, Conservative, Independence
Peggy Woodard Legislature Page
Chris Callas Website

District 9 (City of Elmira, Town of Elmira):
Republican, Conservative/Residents First
John Burin Star Gazette article, Website
William E. Fairchild

District 10 (City of Elmira):
Republican, Conservative, Independence
Martin D. Chalk (I) Legislature page, Star Gazette article

District 11 (City of Elmira):
Robert Briggs WENY Story

District 12 (City of Elmira &Town of Southport):
Republican, Conservative/Independence
Paul M. Collins (I) Legislature page, Star Gazette article
Democrat, Common Sense
Bill McCarthy Star Gazette article, facebook page
Working families, Higher Ground
Peter J. Keenan Website

District 13 (City of Elmira, Town of Southport):
Republican, Conservative, Independence, Reform
Scott Drake Star Gazette Article
Democrat, Working Families
Tanisha Logan-Lattimore facebook page, Instagram, Star Gazette article

District 14 (Town of Southport):
Republican, Conservative
Michael S. Smith Star Gazette article
Democrat, Working Families
Christa Heyward WENY article
Michael S. Smith

District 15 (Towns of Ashland, Southport, Elmira & Village of Wellsburg):
Republican, Conservative, Independence/15th Dist United, Reform
Rodney J. Strange (I)Website, facebook page, Legislature page






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