Encourage reluctant readers with these FUN BOOKS!

One of the greatest gifts you can give your grade-schooler is the love of reading.   But how can you encourage a reluctant reader to pick up a book?  One way to motivate your reader is by offering rewards. For example, CCLD Summer Reading Club programs sometimes offer small prizes when kids complete their weekly reading logs and work towards their total reading goal.

Another way to motivate your reader is by simply offering FUN BOOKS!  Sometimes silly is the answer!

Here are a few juvenile “silly series” that are trending at the Van Etten Library:

Diary of a Minecraft ZombieDiary of a Minecraft Zombie:  by Zack Zombie (Author)

So far this year, this series does not stay on the library shelf long at Van Etten:  I know, sounds crazy silly right?  What’s it like to be a 12 year old Minecraft Zombie?  Check this series out and find out! With chapters that are brief and easy to read, this series also carries a very light storyline that is also funny for kids. Readers will be giggling out loud and may even share some of the story by reading parts out loud.  What kid doesn’t already love Minecraft?  And then, add in the silly zombie character “Zack” and his human buddy “Steve” and no wonder this series is a smash hit!

Here's HankHere’s Hank (series): by Henry Winkler (Author), Lin Oliver(Author)

Something is always happening to Second grader Hank, which usually ends up making everyone laugh!  Readers will follow Hank on his daily adventures with lots of funny happenings that kids will find hilarious and read on with anticipation to see what will happen next!  Kids will also identify with some of Hank’s challenges with specific school subjects like spelling, reading, and yes even sometimes math! With a little hard work, Hank always gets the task done.

An added bonus of Here’s Hank books is the Dyslexie font.  This font was created for people with Dyslexia and helps readers to easily identify the specific shapes and forms of letters and words.

Miss Daisy is CrazyMy Weird School:  Dan Gutman (Author), Jim Paillot (Illustrator)

Meet A. J., the narrator, and second grade character that really isn’t too fond of school. Young readers will enjoy the funny shenanigans going on at Ella Mentry School all while seeing that school is serious, but also can be fun.  The context includes some funny jokes for young readers to laugh at and a few humorous cartoon drawings as well.

So, this summer let’s keep our young readers engaged with reading by offering some humorous, silly, LOL, light books.  After all, we all deserve a good laugh!  Happy reading this summer 2017!

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