The May Book Bundle Podcast Series List

She Who RemembersThis month’s Book Bundle Podcast is now available.  The following is a list of the titles discussed.

Linda Lay Shuler – Kwani trilogy

She Who Remembers
Voice of the Eagle
Let the Drum Speak

Jan Burke – Irene Kelly

Goodnight, Irene
Sweet Dreams, Irene
Dear Irene,
Remember Me, Irene

Lynn Kurland – De Piaget series

Another Chance to Dream
If I Had You
Dreams of Stardust
When I Fall in Love
The Gift of Christmas Past
One Enchanted Evening
This is All I Ask
The More I See You
To Kiss in the Shadows
From This Moment On
Stardust of Yesterday
Till There Was You
One Magic Moment
All For You
Roses in Moonlight
Dreams of Lilacs

W. Michael Gear – First North Americans series

People of the Wolf
People of the Fire
People of the Earth
People of the River
People of the Sea
People of the Lakes
People of the Lightning
People of the Silence
People of the Mist
People of the Masks
People of the Owl
People of the Raven
People of the Moon
People of the Nightland
People of the Weeping Eye
People of the Thunder
People of the Longhouse
The Dawn Country
The Broken Land
People of the Black Sun
People of the Morning Star
People of the Songtrail

Kelley Armstrong – Order of Women of the Other World series

Dime Store Magic
Industrial Magic
No Humans Involved
Personal Demon
Living with the Dead
Waking the Witch
Spell Bound

Stephanie Laurens – Cynster Sisters Trilogy

Viscount Breckenridge to the Rescue
In Pursuit of Eliza Cynster
The Capture of the Earl of Glencrae

Jill McGown – Lloyd and Hill series

A Perfect Match
Murder At the Old Vicarage
Gone to Her Death
The Murders of Mrs Austin And Mrs Beale
The Other Woman
Murder… Now And Then
A Shred of Evidence
Verdict Unsafe
Picture of Innocence
Plots and Errors
Scene of Crime
Births, Deaths and Marriages
Unlucky for Some

Jessie Donovan – Stonefire Dragons series

Sacrificed to the Dragon
Seducing the Dragon
Revealing the Dragons
Healed by the Dragon
Reawakening the Dragon
Loved by the Dragon
Surrendering to the Dragon

Lynn Kurland – Nine Kingdoms series

Star of the Morning
The Mage’s Daughter
Princess of the Sword
A Tapestry of Spells
Gift of Magic
River of Dreams
Dreamer’s Daughter
The White Spell
The Dreamer’s Song