Take a Computer Class!

computerConfounded by computers? Intimidated by technology, but afraid to ask questions?

You are not alone! Many, many adults have had to teach themselves how to use a computer and explore the web. Some have sailed through the process, while others need more help.

To all of us who “don’t get it”, don’t be discouraged! Start by taking a free computer class at the Steele Memorial Library! We have several courses: Beginning Computer class, which explains the parts of the computer, the way it works, how to operate a mouse, etc. Beginning Internet, which explains how to navigate the internet, determine safe sites, protect yourself from hackers, and stay one step ahead of them with strong passwords.

We also have Tablet Talk classes – a class on how to use your device at Steele and at the Horseheads branch! All types of devices are welcome – just bring your device in fully charged, and any passwords you need, and our staff will help you tackle the broad strokes and the fine points!

Check our monthly calendar of events for the next class! You can take as many classes as you like!

You CAN do this!

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    • Here is a list of our upcoming technology training courses for October 2018:
      October 3, 6pm – Preparing Images for Laser Engraving (Steele)
      October 11, 6pm – Introduction to Laser Engraving (Steele)
      October 15, 1pm – Beginning Computer (Steele)
      October 16, 1pm – Tablet Talk (Steele)
      October 22, 1:30pm – Tablet Talk (Van Etten)
      October 23, 2pm – Tablet Talk (Horseheads)
      October 29, 1pm – Beginning Internet (Steele)
      October 30, 6pm – Basic Video Editing (Steele)

      All classes are free and registration is required. To register for Steele classes call 733-9175; for Horseheads classes call 739-4581; for Van Etten classes call 589-4755 x3. All Steele classes take place in the Technology Training Lab.