Krayon Kiosk at Big Flats Library

Krayon KioskTechnology is forever changing, tablets get smaller and phones are getting bigger again, but the thing is technology is everywhere. Almost everyone has a smart phone, a tablet or a laptop that you can take with you to access the internet wherever you are and libraries are no different. In fact, we are offering technology to very young patrons who seem to grasp the idea very eagerly.

Last April, the Big Flats Library was lucky enough to be able to purchase a Krayon Kiosk that houses 4 iPads for elementary aged children. Each tablet is pre-loaded with 52 educational apps geared for children 2-9 years old. These apps teach math, science, art, etc., all with the goal of having our young patrons learn as they have fun. This kiosk has proved very popular and the children who come in, run to sit on one of the bright chairs and settle in for a morning or afternoon of fun. While the young ones are playing on the tablet, mom has a chance to choose the books they will be taking home with no interruptions.

We are finding that children know how to use these devices since most have them in their home and are used to navigating the screens to get to the game. No instruction at all is needed to get them started. Yes, technology is here to stay, and this is just one more way your public library is staying on track with the latest innovations.

We invite you to come to the Big Flats Library and see for yourself how much fun our kiosk is. Come early, it fills up fast with our young patrons.

Glenice Peel
Big Flats Library
Chemung County Library District