St. Peter and Paul’s Cemetery Records

The Genealogy Department is proud and happy to announce that our staff and volunteers have completed a spreadsheet containing the names from St. Peter and Paul’s Cemetery Records from their Ledger Book encompassing the years 1890 -1947.  We now have over 32,000 names recorded from the cemetery. As the cemetery can no longer assist genealogists, except to tell people who have a name and date of death the place of burial at the cemetery, we are providing a much needed service, providing access to all the information the cemetery has about the deceased. As this ledger book was handwritten with letters formed in old script, it was necessary to research obituaries, city directories, the NYS Vital Statistics Index and other records to determine as reliably as possible the person buried. To see the index of our cemetery records, please come to CCLD Central Library (Steele Memorial) and ask at the adult services desk for genealogy assistance.

Phyllis Rogan, Reference Librarian
CCLD Central Library

One Reply to “St. Peter and Paul’s Cemetery Records”

  1. That is great! Although I do not have family at that cemetery, I am interested in genealogy and I know this will be very helpful for many people in the future.