Among friends, I have been accused as having very “interesting” taste in music (aka –weird). My taste runs from classic rock, Middle Eastern and Turkish dance music, chants, Baroque music, anything Mozart, and some New Age stuff.

Maybe eclectic is a better word, because the music that draws me is the music that satisfies a need in us, and that attraction can take myriad forms. We need different music for different reasons. We all have favorite music we turn to at different times – music to soothe, inspire, or motivate us.

Some of us have very specific preferences. For example, my family made sure I grew up listening to Big Band music and not much else until high school, so for years I was a Big Band trivia expert. This music represented a distinct era that flavored my parents’ past, and defined music for them; something that didn’t change much in their lives.

Some people like anything country, or hip hop, or jazz for probably the same reasons. The artists who give us our favorite music can seem as friends – our enjoyment of their style of expression validates this, making us their fans. Life is just better with our personal musical soundtrack.

Back to my “interesting” label; in order to affirm I do not have weird taste, I drew up a playlist. If I could listen to anything at all, what would it be? It has taken weeks, and I think I actually did very well. It is still a work in progress, but in looking it over, I don’t think anyone could accuse me of bad taste.

Now let me ask you, what is your personal musical soundtrack?

Caroline Poppendeck, Librarian
CCLD, Horseheads