New and Old Dishonesty

Here at the Horseheads library, I shared a brief but intense dialogue with a patron about corruption in government. It seems as if it is only getting worse. She stated the stories are repetitive; new times, but same hijinks.  I stated that even if a politician starts out noble, there is so much treachery, he/she would have a difficult, if not impossible time of maintaining their integrity all the time.

These statements are not new. Corruption in government is a very old story, and spans all cultures. Our constitution is based on our forefathers’ resolution to NOT allow the corruption of the times to infiltrate a new brand new government manifesto.

One only needs to peruse the 940-941 stacks in the library to get an idea of the injustices and corruptions that moved nations, sometimes brilliantly, sometimes brutally. This fluctuating agitation isn’t new. It has been with mankind since we traveled in tribes and clans. There will always be flux in determining the direction a nation will go, and those who have the abilities will drive the changes in ways they know to be effective, no matter how detestable.

But, we the people can and should always expect and demand uprightness from our government representatives. Otherwise, there is no balance, and who knows how far corruption can go? Explore the history section in your library to find out.

Caroline Poppendeck, Librarian
CCLD, Horseheads