Beneficial Bits n’ Bytes – YouTube as a Reference Source

The Central Library Presents: Beneficial Bits n’ Bytes
May 2013: YouTube as a Reference Source

We all know how entertaining and sometimes disturbing YouTube videos can be, but some of us may not be aware of how useful YouTube can be as a source of information. There are several options for browsing content plus searching for specific instructions, product reviews, or product demonstrations. Below are some examples.

1. There are specific channels created for companies and organizations such as:

Chemung County Library District:
Mayo Clinic:
Consumer Reports:

2. There are videos demonstrating how to do just about anything.
Here are some sample searches to try:

How to tie a tie
How to draw a rose
How to crochet a scarf
How to make buckeyes
How to edit photos on Instagram

3. How do I find specific reviews or other educational content?
You can conduct searches from within YouTube’s search feature as well as in the popular search engines such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Here is an example of a Google search:


Something to always remember: There is little editorial control over YouTube’s content. It is possible for younger users to view inappropriate content. Also, some content may be offensive or inaccurate. We strongly urge parents to monitor their children’s use of YouTube or any other internet search engine, website, or social network site.

Owen Frank
CCLD – Central Library Reference Department