Turn YOUR World Upside Down and Tell Us about it at CCLD’s Online Book Club!

MatchedWhen you are having difficulty drawing or painting from a photograph, it sometimes helps to turn your photo reference upside down so you can “see” the shapes and colors in a fresh way. Reading Dystopian Fiction does that for me. It turns my worldview, my assumptions about our culture, and how to live life, upside down so I can think and perceive from a new angle, without the distortion imposed by familiarity.

I recently finished The Matched trilogy by Allie Condie. This series, at its core, is about choices:  who we love, how we live, risk versus safety, and the cost of giving up, or keeping, our creativity and freedom.  With its lyrical writing, love triangle, (Xander/Cassia/Ky), and the questions above lived out by Cassia, the Matched trilogy has much to offer for teens and adults. The audio books are also well done and made my commutes to work an otherworldly adventure. (Wait, …was that a stop sign back there?)

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Try these other dystopian reads (they are good in audio, too!): 

The Hunger Games (Suzanne Collins)

Divergent (Veronica Roth)

Legend (Marie Lu)

Delirium (Lauren Oliver)

Doris Jean Metzger, MLIS
Van Etten Library