‘Twas a few weeks before Christmas at Horseheads Library

‘Twas a few weeks before Christmas, and all through Horseheads Library
were heard sounds from staff, patrons and volunteers (mostly merry!)

Carts of books and videos were put on the shelves with care,
In hopes that our patrons could find what they want there.

The staff was busy planning programs for the New Year,
storytimes, game days and performers that would bring all some cheer.

And I at my desk, gave pause to ponder,
My first year here, and lots of things full of wonder…

eReaders, iPads, a tornado and construction did appear,
but the staff handled it all (and lots more) throughout the year.

With strong support from our Foundation and Friends,
(upon whom we really depend!) soon gave me to know I had nothing to dread…

When what to my wondering eyes did appear,
lots of community volunteers to help out here…

On Interact Club, on Youth Bureau, on Cheerleaders and Able 2!
On Crafters, and Book Club and Conversation Group, to name a few

and lots of others who willingly came,
movie viewers, storytime families and shelvers, too many to name.

To those who help us out, Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall
I want to thank-you, thank-you, thank-you all!

But I want to exclaim, in this season so merry,
Happy Christmas to all from the Horseheads Library!

Janet Ackerman
Supervisor of the Horseheads Library