Change.  It’s only one word, but what a scary word it can be.  There are many people, like me, that embrace change and look forward to the new things that happen in life, but there are also just as many that avoid it like the plague.  These people are happy with their world staying status quo.  For those of you that are out there in the world, the next few months at the library should leave you quaking in your boots!

There are many changes happening in our library world, not just at Steele, but all the branches.  Things like new meeting rooms, carpeting, offices being built, a new quiet room, shifting of collections, and best of all, new circulation desks.  These changes will hopefully allow us to give better library service to all our patrons, young and old alike, and still serve as the beacon to the community for entertainment, career advice, meeting place for community organizations, and all the other wonderful opportunities we have to offer at CCLD.

We ask you for your patience during this building process, and we promise that when we emerge on the other side of it all, you will like the way the new library looks and feels.  If you are one of the people who are resistant to change, look upon this as coming to a whole new library for the first time, and if you are one of the few like me who look upon change as a good thing, embrace our new look and explore.

Change.  It’s only one word, but what a great word it is!

Glenice Peel, Head of Circulation
Steele Memorial Library