The reference desk at Steele has had the pleasure of helping students to do the initial research for books and articles for term papers this month and so I’ve been reminded of an article in Publishers Weekly titled Genes Are in Season — Brains, Too.  PW thinks that Sam Kean’s The Violinist’s Thumb may be the most delightful book in the genetics category. Other books on the brain and genes that they like are: The Social Conquest of Earth by the Pulitzer Prize winner, Edward O. Wilson and  The Age of Insight: The Quest to Understand the Unconscious in Art, Mind, and Brain by the Nobel Prize winner Eric Kandel. Imagine: How Creativity Works by Jonah Lehrer was on the NY Times Best Seller List this year and Free Will by Sam Harris examines whether our unconscious determines our actions. DNA USA: A Genetic portrait of America by Bryan Sykes is another important new book for those who want to understand the changing face of the American people.

Whether you want to understand the latest science about the brain or genetics or just want to understand why you are the way you are; you are sure to find a book at Steele library to answer your question.

Phyllis Rogan, Reference Librarian
Steele Memorial Library

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