Furry Farewell

MaceIt’s time for me to say goodbye. I will be going on to the next phase of my training, on Friday Aug 12th. Thank you all for helping with my training so far. It’s been very important to have all the interaction (petting) that I have had in the past 18 months. I have learned to sit or stand quietly while letting kids pet me (OK…sometimes hug me or strangle me but that’s alright). I have learned not to lick the little kids, no matter how good their faces or hands smell. It’s really been a lot of fun to have all the kids read me stories; I think that has been the best part. I got to put my head in their laps and snuggle up to them and hear great stories. It’s been a lot of fun to be able to come to work with my mom. I’m going to miss her. We have had some great adventures. We went hiking in Virginia (don’t ask me about the ticks…ouch).  We drove to NC and FL to visit family and then rode home in a big plane!  I didn’t have much room on the floor, but I did great. In fact, I have heard (while I was spying) that I was the best puppy she has every raised, that I did everything great! Now I hear that I’m going to have to really work hard, if I want to have a career as a service dog. I hear that I will be in training for 6-9 months with the best trainers. I will be taught to open any doors (refrigerators included…yum, yum) and pick up anything off the floors, on command. I can’t surf the floors looking for goodies though. I will really have to be on my best behavior, if I want to graduate and make my mom proud of me.

I have to tell you about my replacement puppy; her name is Saleena. She is my half sister (we have the same 4-legged mom), but let me tell you, she isn’t anything like me!  My 2-legged mom will have her work cut out for her with that golden airhead.  She has way more energy than I have, but mom is a great trainer and I know she will show her the proper way to behave. I know you will all help her to train Saleena to be a great dog like I am.

I love you all and will miss you,


2 Replies to “Furry Farewell”

  1. I will miss petting your silky ears, and watching you gambol about the library. Looking forward to meeting Saleena, though. 🙂 Good luck, Mace! You’ll be the best service dog, ever!