Dog Days

It’s finally happened!!  Mom is putting me to work.  But first let me introduce myself.  My name is Mace and I’m a 13-month-old golden-lab dog.  I’m in training to be a service dog some day.  My 2-footed mom has had the job of socializing me and teaching me about 30 commands for the last year.  She will continue to teach me until August when she will return me to CCI (Canine Companions for Independence) where I will have to go to school for 6-9 months.  I have had a pretty easy first year, with a lot of sleeping and just hanging out at the library.  But that is changing.  Mom explained to me tonight that I will be expected to write a blog for the library.  Does anyone know what a blog is? I think that instead of sleeping all day, I’m expected to write about what happens at the library. Maybe I’m expected to be a spy.  Wow!!  That sounds like fun.  I bet I could find out a lot of information.  People talk around me all the time because I’m always sleeping but now I will only pretend to be asleep.  First, I will have to learn how to type though.  I’m not sure my big paws can push down on those little keys.  They do offer computer classes at the library upstairs, for people that would like to learn about computers.  Do you think they will accept me as a student? If I’m going to “spy” I will have to find out what other programs are going on at the library and check them out.  Stay tuned, I will let you know next week what I find out.



4 Replies to “Dog Days”

  1. Dear Mace,
    This is such a barktacular idea! You are a much smarter pup than I was to think of blogging your 18 months of wonderfulness with Sherry and the library crew. You know you can snoop information from the bipeds while snoozing on the book trollies, especially if they wheel you from place to place and leave you there to listen. Anxious to read your next chapter. Pawfully, Bayou

  2. Hi Bayou,
    Nice to hear from you. I miss you! 🙂 Home is boring without you there to play with. But I think this new gig at the library is going to be a lot of fun. Already, I have heard some interesting news. I started last week with the Doggy Tails program that you did. The little kids are soooo cute and they just love me. They do ask what happened to Bayou and I tell them how you graduated and are doing such a great job visiting so many people and making them feel so much better. Stay in touch.
    Mace “The Blogger”

  3. Mace, I knew you were special when I first met you. Will you still get a lunch hour so we can have play dates at Eldridge Park? How do you type on those little keys with your big paws? Do you use your toe nails? I have to get my human friend Grace to type for me. I wish I was allowed at the library to see you at work.
    Love from your friend,

  4. Lily, my friend, yes of course we can do a play date at Eldridge Park. That was so much fun when we got together for our last date. Since we are expecting more snow that will just make it all so much better to plow thru it and roll in it. Shhhh don’t tell anyone but I have my Mom type for me too. I did the picture with me typing and they all really think I am. It worked!!!! So shhhh don’t give me away. I wish you could come to the library to see me too. Well I have to get back to work.
    Mace “The Blogger”