Reference USA Business Directory

Reference USA Business Directory is a database of businesses across the United States.  If you need to find information about a specific company, Reference USA Business Directory is a convenient, up-to-date tool.  For example, if you want to find out the name and contact information for a company president or manager, you can use this resource to search by company name or product (to narrow your results, you can also enter a location).  Similarly, if you know the name of a company executive but do not know the precise name of the company, you can search by executive name; you can also search by company phone number.

Company listings include information such as:  business demographics, management directory, nearby businesses, stock data, historical data, competitors report, and more.  There is also the option to display a “corporate tree” that allows you to view the hierarchical relationships within the corporation; if viewing a local subsidiary, you can see where it falls within the overall corporation.

This resource includes quick and custom search options.  Custom search allows you to search more specifically.  For example, you can limit your search by the gender of the company executive, the number of employees, the street address, etc.  On the results page, there is a button labeled “map” that will allow you to view the company locations on an adjustable map (you can zoom in and out and choose between different views).

To access this tool, visit the electronic databases page on our website: and select “Reference USA Business Directory” from the list.

2 Replies to “Reference USA Business Directory”

  1. When I did a search on Reference USA it said that over 300 records had email addresses.

    1. Anyone know where I can find the email address in the Reference USA records?

    2. Anyone know how to search for those records that just have email addresses?


  2. Unfortunately, we do not have access to that feature via our subscription to Reference USA. There is a separate subscription that allows access to email addresses.

    One thing you can do is limit your search results to only entries with websites. Most websites have a contact form or list an email address. To limit the search results to only those with websites, click the tab that says “custom search”. On the left hand side tool bar, expand the option for “special selects”. Click the option for “web address”. In the new box that appears, click “only companies with a web address”. Once this is done, you use the other narrowing options on the left hand side tool bar (such as company name, executives, etc.) to continue your search.

    Hope this helps!