Code Club

Useful Links

Getting started? Go to Hour of Code.

Mastered Hour of Code & want more coding puzzles? Go to Beyond the Hour of Code.

The following resources were compiled by:

Paper/offline resources

  • CS Unplugged (free download for ages 8-18) is a collection of in person activities designed to introduce coding concepts.
  • code: deck ($10 purchase for adult developers) is a card game to reinforce concepts.

Tablet apps

  • Scratch Jr (free, ages 3-8) allows block coding without requiring any reading.
  • Kodable (first 8 weeks free, grades K-5) is a block coding app.
  • The Foos (free app, ages 5-10) provides a block-based Hour of Code
  • Hopscotch (part free, part paid, ages 3-8) is a block coding app.
  • Tynker (100 free puzzles, more paid) is a block coding app.
  • Swift playgrounds (free, 8+) is an iPad app from Apple to teach iOS programming.

Block coding for computer

  • (free, ages 8+) provides high quality coding puzzles and videos.
  • Scratch (free, ages 8+) is an open platform for games and animations.
  • Stencyl (free for web, $199/year for ios) is a block game design tool with surprising flexibility.
  • Pencilcode (free, ages 8+) allows block coding projects.
  • MIT App Inventor (free, ages 12+) provides an environment for block coding of mobile apps.
  • Thunkable (free to start, ages 12+) is similar to MIT App Inventor with a simpler interface and more support.

Javascript and HTML (Web dev) coding for computer

  • Bitsbox (free tool, paid supplemental materials, ages 10+) is a simplified javascript tool for fun, visual mobile app design.
  • Khan Academy (free website, ages 10+) provides tutorial videos, lessons and challenges in a visual simplified javascript.
  • Free Code Camp (free, teens and adults) includes 1000+ hours of curriculum for motivated self-learners, with the objective of entry level web developer jobs.
  • Codepen (mostly free, 10+) is an online code editor for front end projects, with handy aids and sharing features.
  • Thimble (free, 13+) is a Mozilla-sponsored online text editor.
  • Code Combat (freemium, 13+) is a video game you win by writing javascript code.

Computer-based coding in multiple languages

  • Codecademy (part free, $20/month pro for teens and adults) provides self-guided tutorials in many languages.
  • Treehouse ($25/month for teens and adults) provides videos and tutorials in a variety of programming languages.
  • Lynda ($20/month for teens and adults) provides videos and other materials. CCLD libraries have this on our library website. ( can use for FREE with your library card!
  • Codefights (mostly free, 13+) is a fun competition forum for honing skills.

Mobile apps to practice coding

  • Lrn (part free, teens and adults) helps you memorize javascript syntax through Duolingo-style quizzes on the phone.
  • Swifty (free to start, $2.99 for everything, teens and adults) is the same as Lrn for iOS programming.