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Teen Hangout Nights

Steele Memorial Library hosts Teen Night every Tuesday from 6-8pm.  Stop by for to hang out, eat snacks, play games, or participate in other planned activities for teens.

For a full list of activities happening at your local CCLD branch, be sure to check out our events calendar.

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Street Art: Before & After.

Street Art: Before & After.





I love these…..

Chaotic Good

My favorite part is that these are going to be someone’s neighborhood landmarks. “Turn left at the saxaphone player,” “yeah I work in the shop right next to the Princess Leia fire hydrant,” “if you pass the shady guy selling watches, you’ve gone too far.” The urban and suburban worlds are so funny of random infrastructure points that you’re just supposed to ignore, like those big metal wiring cabinets on the side of the road and all those backflow preventers all over the place. With just a little paint, now they have friendly, comprehensible meaning.


Me Wow Im Way Too Attached To Fictional


Me: wow I'm way too attached to fictional characters

Me: *sees y'all send death threats to writers because you didn't agree with their decisions*

Me: never mind I'm attached the healthy amount

All Ccld Libraries Closing At 5pm Today We Will

All CCLD libraries closing at 5pm today. We will be closed tomorrow, Friday Nov 16 also due to snow. Happy snow day teens!

The B&N YA Podcast: Ransom Riggs