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The Chemung County Library District reserves the right to change library hours based upon budgetary constraints, staffing levels, and weather conditions. Library hours will change for each branch in Mid-May (Summer Hours) and September (Winter Hours).  Patrons can view the current hours of each branch on the library’s website.


The Chemung County Library District buildings can be used as forums for free expression of speech and ideas in the form of petitions, exhibits and displays, signs, distribution of free literature, and places to meet within policy limits.  Not every library is designed to accommodate the same amount of materials or meetings.  No material (poster, display, exhibit, pamphlet, brochure, leaflet, or booklet) shall be exhibited, displayed, or placed in the libraries for distribution without permission from a library staff member. Any challenges to the use of the buildings should be directed to the Library District Director.


The District allows petitioning by members of the public in the outside public area near the front door. Use of this area by petitioners does not indicate the Library’s endorsement of the issue that is the subject of the petition, and the District will not assist the petitioners.  Petitioners may not hinder either foot or automobile traffic, or disrupt use of the library in any way. Building users may not be harassed, threatened, or interfered with. The entrances to the building may not be blocked.


The District welcomes displays and exhibits which offer a means for public expression as well as enrichment of the library environment. The purpose of this policy is to provide fair and consistent standards for the use of exhibit areas in the library, and to ensure use of these spaces in a manner that is consistent with the library’s mission.

Display areas in Chemung County Libraries include glass cases in public areas of the library as well as some designated wall space. Exhibit areas are available to the public on a first come, first served basis, Library sponsored exhibits and displays will have priority.

It is recommended that exhibit spaces be reserved far in advance when the exhibit is designed to celebrate a particular date/month, such as an organization's anniversary or a national observance. No fees are charged for display spaces. Groups using display spaces may not charge an admission fee or request donations.

A representative of the exhibiting organization must sign an Exhibit Agreement to comply with the following:  

  • Assume the risk of loss or damage to materials exhibited.
  • Assume responsibility for installing and labeling the exhibit on the agreed upon date.
  • Remove the exhibit promptly on the agreed upon date. The display period is normally one month, coinciding as closely as possible to the beginning and ending of the month.
  • Give the library the right to remove exhibit materials if they aren't picked up by the agreed upon date. Exhibit materials may be disposed of it not claimed within 30 days.
  • Identify the exhibitor by name within the display.
  • Refrain from commercial advertisement and not post prices of items on sale.

The library does not advocate or endorse the viewpoints of exhibits and exhibitors.


The District provides bulletin boards for library announcements and local general interest items. The bulletin board is not intended as a forum or for items of a personal or commercial nature. In accord with the Library Bill of Rights (See APPENDIX C), the District will post materials appropriate to the bulletin board’s purpose in a timely fashion and “on an equitable basis, regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of individuals or groups requesting [the posting]”. However, because space is limited, the District cannot guarantee that all materials will be posted, and all postings are subject to the judgment of staff. No material will be posted for more than thirty days.


The District provides a limited area for the display of giveaway materials, subject to the following conditions:

  • Display of library materials will take precedence over other materials
  • Materials will be timely
  • Materials will either be produced by groups with addresses within Chemung County or be in very high demand
  • Materials will not be of a commercial or personal nature
  • Space is not intended for individuals to advertise items wanted or for sale
  • Materials will not endorse specific political candidates or ballot positions
  • Particularly in light of limited space, materials will be displayed subject to the judgment of library staff, based on the criteria outlined in this policy

In accord with the Library Bill of Rights (See APPENDIX C), the District will make no effort to censor or to amend the content of displayed materials. Those who object to or disagree with the content of any displayed materials will be entitled to submit their own materials for display in accord with the conditions above. Materials will be disposed of at staff’s discretion.


The meeting rooms of the Chemung County Library District are available for use by community groups. Meeting room reservations may be made for no more than six months in advance, and the meeting rooms may not be reserved into the indefinite future for repeated use.

Priority is given to library staff for use of the rooms and equipment for library programs, continuing education or presentations. The Chemung County Library District reserves the right to deny the use of library meeting rooms.
Those using the meeting rooms must comply with the following rules:

  • Meeting rooms are available from the time the library opens to 15 minutes prior to the library’s closing.
  • Set up is the sole responsibility of the group using the meeting room.
  • Coffee and light refreshments may be provided by the applicant organization. The Library must be advised in advance. No alcoholic beverages may be served. All meeting rooms and kitchens should be left as clean as found, and groups not complying with this request may be denied future use of the meeting rooms.
  • Cleanup, including vacuuming the carpet, is the responsibility of the group.

A responsible representative of the group must complete and sign the Meeting Room Registration form prior to use agreeing to abide by the policy.   


Chemung County Library District-sponsored programs promote the use of library materials, facilities, and services. The District strives to offer a broad range of informational, entertaining, and cultural experiences that are planned for all the people of the community. Youth services, adult, and branch library staff will plan programs based upon programming objectives, themes, budget, and schedule.

Library District-sponsored are free and open to the public. Attendance shall not be restricted because of age, gender, race, background or beliefs.


Items left at the Chemung County libraries or put into the book drops will be kept in Lost & Found for up to 30 days and no longer. Staff will date and initial each item.

Disposal: Toys, clothes, glasses, sunglasses will be given to a charitable organization when practical.  Books and other materials that the library collects may be added to the collection or sent to the Friends’ book sale.

Food and personal items such as hairbrushes, combs, and toothbrushes will be thrown away.  Small bills and change will be added to the fine fund if not claimed by closing time.

Items of value, such as wallets, credit cards, cell phones, large bills may be turned over to the local police department if not claimed within 30 days.


Members of the public and staff are required to adhere to the Library Code of Conduct (See APPENDIX F). 


Library staff will enforce the Library Code of Conduct (See APPENDIX F) at all times.  Violators will be given a warning or asked to leave the building, depending upon the severity of the incident. Staff will not hesitate to contact local authorities to aid in the removal of individuals.  If necessary, the violator will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

The library staff will not act as mediators between patrons.  If a library user believes their rights have been violated by another individual, the staff will offer to call the police or allow the patron to use the library phone to make the call.

Approved by the Chemung County Library District Board of Trustees
February 16, 2012

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