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Chemung County Library District

Why can't I connect to any of the electronic databases?

Here are the common reasons for the inability to connect to our remote access databases:
  1. Your browser has been set not to accept cookies. When you wish to access our databases, reset your settings to accept cookies.

  2. You have internet filtering software installed on your PC that connects you to a Proxy Server. Temporarily disable the filters while you are using our remote databases. When you've finished your research, enable the internet filters.

  3. Especially with HeritageQuest, the Norton AntiVirus Software will cause an error when you attempt to log on. Temporarily disable your AntiVirus Software when you are attempting to log on HeritageQuest.

  4. Perhaps the library card was entered incorrectly? Unless you are using the Reference USA Product, enter your CCLD Card number without the spaces that appear on your bar code: 1234567890123. Note, if you are using the ReferenceUSA database, you only enter the first 7 digits of your library card number.

  5. What web browser are you using? The databases on the CCLD Database page work best with Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 4.0 or better and Netscape Version 6.2 or better.

  6. If none of these sugguestions work, you can give us a call at 733-9175 or email the webmaster.
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