Chemung County Library District

Frequently Ask Questions

General Questions

  1. How can I contact the library?
  2. How do I get to the CCLD libraries?
  3. How do I search for books? (PDF)
  4. What is my user ID and PIN?
  5. How do I renew borrowed materials?
  6. How do I reserve or place a hold on a book? (PDF)
  7. What are the hours for the libraries in Chemung County?
  8. How can I become a volunteer?
  9. How do I request a memorial purchase? (PDF)

Technical Questions

  1. Does the Library Have Wi-Fi?
  2. Why can't I connect to any of the electronic databases?
  3. When I click on an email link nothing happens. Why?
  4. The words or pictures sometimes cut off on the right side of the paper when I try to print. Why?
  5. How do I download eBooks from the library?

Genealogy Questions

  1. Can I look up obituaries online?
  2. Will you accept genealogical research requests from the website?
  3. Can I access from home?
  4. I am unable to connect to Heritage Quest. Why?
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