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920 C595
Clark, Steve, Fight Against time : five athletes--a legacy of courage New York : Atheneum, 1979. Click here to check availibility

 [BIOG] BD261 or [BIOG] jBD261G
Gallagher, Robert C. Ernie Davis : the Elmira Express Silver Spring, MD : Bartleby Press, 1983. There are 2 editions of this title
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BD261 Hill, Bob [compiler], Ernie Davis : a historical perspective. 1997
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Mallette, Al  "Best of the 20th Century, Ernie Davis" Chemung Valley Reporter September 3, 1998 page 16.

Elmira Star Gazette Remembering Ernie Davis, Elmira's greatest hero, City has immortalized Heisman Trophy winner who left us far too early. February 1, 1999 1A.

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