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eReader FAQs

  1. Where do I go (on the web) to download library eBooks from CCLD?

  2. Where can I find information about downloading library eBooks on the CCLD website?

    How do I…? --> Download eBooks

  3. I have a Nook; do I need to download software, to download library eBooks?

    Yes, you need to download Adobe Digital Editions and create a free Account with If you have a Nook Color, Nook Tablet, or similar Nook device, as of October 2012, you now have the option to download the Overdrive Media Console app and check out books via the app directly to your device (you will still need to create an Adobe account and login via the app).

  4. I have a Kindle; do I need to download software, to download library eBooks?

    No, Kindle users do not need to download additional software to checkout library eBooks but you will need access to a computer, unless you have a Kindle Fire or Kindle Fire HD. If you have a Kindle Fire or Kindle Fire HD, you have the option to use the web browser on the device to check out books. With Fire devices you also have the option to download the Overdrive Media Console app, which will give you the option to checkout books that would otherwise not be compatible with your device.

  5. I have an iPad; can I download eBooks from the library with it?

    Yes, iPad users can download Overdrive Media Console from the app store (also available for Android users).  This program will allow patrons to download eBooks in the EPUB and PDF format as well as download MP3 audiobooks.

  6. I placed a hold on an eBook; how can I tell how many people are in front of me on the holds list?

    Go to the Overdrive site, click on “My Account”, log in, click on “My Holds”.  From this page you will see a list of your holds.  It will say  “You are patron __ out of __ on the waiting list” near each item.

  7. I got an email saying my eBook hold is available; how do I check it out?

    You have three days from the date of the email to check the item out. 
    Go to the Overdrive site, click on “My Account”, log in, click “My Holds”.
    From this page you will see an “Add to Cart”  button next to any items that are now available for checkout.
    Once you add it to your cart it is no longer on hold for you so make sure to complete the checkout within 30 minutes of adding the item to your cart or you will lose your place in line.

  8. I checked out an eBook but accidentally closed my browser before downloading the book; how can I get back to the screen where I can download it?

    If you completed the checkout process, you can get back to the download screen by going back to the Overdrive site.  From the “My Account” screen, click on “Checkouts”.  This page will show you all items that you have checked out and will have either a “Download” button or a “Get for Kindle” button, depending on the type of item you have checked out.

  9. Can I return a library eBook before the due date?

    Yes, eBooks can be returned early. 

    • If you used Adobe Digital Editions to put the eBook onto your Nook or similar device, you can return it in Adobe Digital Editions by selecting the item, clicking the small triangle in the top left corner (this will open a menu), and clicking “Return Borrowed Item”. 
    • If you are an Amazon user, log into your Amazon account, click  “My Account”, “Manage Your Kindle”.  From this screen you will see all of the items on your Kindle.  An item checked out from the library will say “Digital Library” after the title.  Click the “Actions” button next to the item.  From this menu, there will be an option to return the book.
    • The third way to return a book is from the Overdrive Media Console app (for tablet and smart phone).  Delete the book from the menu, the same way that you would delete any item from the device (varies from device to device—for Apple products you swipe your finger across the item and it will bring up a delete button; other devices you can hold your finger down on the item until a menu appears).  Once you have deleted the book it will ask if you would also like to return it.

  10. I connected my tablet to the library's Wi-Fi but the internet isn't working; what do I need to do to connect?

    To connect to the library's Wi-Fi you must first log in by accepting our internet use policy.  After you have connected to the Wi-Fi, open a web browser and attempt to visit a website (any website should do).  You will be redirected to our login screen and you will be asked to read and accept our internet use policy.  Once you have agreed to it, you will be connected to our Wi-Fi.

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